The Target Vortex

Do you ever go to Target… aimlessly wonder, completely black out, lose money, and then Not remember any of it as you leave? Yeah it’s called the Target Vortex! Day 13/21 Countdown to Competition Video is up Advertisements

Grocery Haul

Day 10/21 Countdown to Competition: Snow Storms & Grocery Hauls

Love/Hate Relationship

Day 9/21 Countdown to Competition- Its been a love/hate relationship! Def feeling Strong & Lean Def feeling the temptations of Food I’m trying to be extremely open with you guys about all of this (hence the Vlogs). This is totally not an easy program to accomplish… at least not for me! I have no problem…

Food Food Food/ Big News

Food Food Food | Upper Body| BIG NEWS New Vlog Up… Blahhhh I Get a Little Emotional at the End

Out of Sight Out of Mind

Day 4/21 Countdown to Competition is up on the Tube… Holiday Parties were almost the death of me this weekend!!! But Still going strong… Don’t forget to subscribe and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed

Slippers for the Win!

It’s a rare occasion to see me outside of sweatpants, yoga pants, or leggings… So you can be damn sure if I’m wearing jeans I will at least accompany them with a pair of comfy slippers to offset the torture that I’m feeling… with a side of coffee of course! ☕️ Anyone else wear their…

Holiday Excuses

Hey You!! 👋🏼 You ready to crush it today?? Day 3/21 of Countdown to competition and I’m feeling good! I’m down 4lbs from Thanksgiving, I’m sore as hell, Im ready to rock my workout, and best part of all… I get some extra carbs and fruit today!!! F YEAH 🤗 This time of year is…

Is Bikini Competing for Me?

Day 1/21 Vlog of Countdown to Competition is Up… Don’t forget to subscribe and give it a thumbs up!!!!